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Kitchen Remodeling and Designing in Boca Raton, FL

Every kitchen we design establishes a new meeting space. This space welcomes new memories and old recipes. The layout, the materials, and the appliances all cultivate adventures within the family eating patterns. We believe in designing and delivering culinary masterpieces. Our designers do this with exceptional personal concierge service from the moment we begin with our clients. From the blank canvas to the final inspection, entertaining takes on a whole new light…

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Our Kitchen Designs in Miami






  • We research. We dig. We find….the desires and needs of the primary homeowners. Moreover, we offer awareness.
  • Premium Kitchens discovers the style the clients have, as well as the style they crave.
  • The design team creates a strategy for combining the above with the budget. This critical issue is addressed throughout the process to achieve maximum look and ultimate function.
  • We unify our design team and technical department and produce a solid plan of logistics.
  • We deliver. We install. The client swoons.
A great design encompasses the vision of the client’s preferred style and required function. Additionally, the process throughout all Premium Kitchen boutiques is to deliver awareness of new materials, technologies, appliances, plumbing and creative design appropriate with the needs and desires of the client. Next, we navigate the area to maximize space & flow, to provide optimal organization, and to facilitate access to regularly used items. There must be flow past the triangle. We design with and for our client.

“A reflection of you…”

“…the kitchen is the main living space of the family.
It should be functional, aesthetic, and ergonomic to optimally fit the ways of its users.” – Thierry Pigeot.