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Not Just All White

While white kitchens are a staple of design today, many designers love when a client asks for a design that’s a little out of the box. Designer Tashia Rahl of Boca Raton, Fla.-based Premium Kitchens was asked not only to create this fresh and clean look but also to incorporate blue colors and sparkle. “The husband and wife do not cook a lot, but when they do, they were hoping for ease and flow and a white palette,” s
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smart kitchen design

Why Choose A Smart Kitchen?

What is a smart kitchen, and what makes it so clever anyway? There is a divide in opinion as to whether a smart kitchen diminishes the intelligence of its user. Some of a more traditional disposition claim that innate knowledge and the passing down of techniques is diminished by increasing reliance on technology to perform domestic tasks. But top chefs will disagree. They know the stress of a working kitchen and the
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Is a Custom Kitchen Design Worth It?

So, you’ve decided that you want to renovate your kitchen. You’ve seen decent prices at places like IKEA for a more or less prefabricated kitchen. But you want something nicer, something that meets all of your needs. You want your dream kitchen! If this is what you want, you will probably want to have your kitchen custom designed. Before you go this route though, you want to know whether it is worth the extra cost. W
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modern kitchen design

Italian Kitchen Design vs Traditional Design

We are going to weigh up the differences between Italian and Traditional kitchen design, starting with the Italian offering. Italian design will mean something different to different people. Recent designs from Italy are known for their innovative, sleek designs, though many people will imagine a massive family gathering in a room that is filled with old warm charm. So, let’s discuss Traditional Italian design and Mo
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The History of Italian Kitchen Design

The thought of Italy often conjures up images of the kitchen. You may imagine boisterous family meals in a rustic setting accented with earthy colors. Or, you may dream about the sleek styles associated with modern Italy. Whichever image appeals to you, there is no doubt that Italy is strongly associated with food and the kitchen. It is no wonder, then, that many customers request an Italian style kitchen when they d
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Upgrade your kitchen

Why Would You Want to Redesign Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart and hub of many homes, and remodeling it can be a massive undertaking. The expense isn’t the only consideration, but the inconvenience that comes with the upheaval of having your kitchen done. Despite the size of the undertaking, homeowners continue to opt for kitchen remodeling because there are plenty of good reasons to do so. Your reasons for a remodel may vary, but here are just a few of
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10 Celebrity Kitchens That Will Blow Your Mind

  Celebrity kitchens are something that people would give anything for! Just looking at these kitchens will send you into a tizzy and increase your hunger pangs. To top it all off, they have the latest appliances, making their kitchens elegant beyond words. It is said that celebrities are knocking over one another to possess the top kitchens in Hollywood! Here are the top 10 celebrity kitchens for you to drool o
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Is Kitchen Remodeling on Your Mind?

  If you are considering a kitchen remodel, then you’ll want to check out the latest trends in kitchen designs. Before the new year arrived, the hottest designers were already talking about what would be popular in 2017. From color schemes and counter tops to the latest trends in cabinetry and kitchen technology, we’ve compiled the 10 best kitchen designs. Further Integration of Living Spaces with Kitchens The k
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Choosing the Best Kitchen Designer

Renovating a kitchen is a challenging prospect. There are so many things to consider that it is easy for the average homeowner to become overwhelmed. Because of this, and because mistakes in design can be costly, many homeowners decide to consult with a professional kitchen designer when remodeling. But how do you choose the right designer for your kitchen project? First of all, you should consider the professional c
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