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Tailored Space Planning * Expertly Chosen Appliances And Materials * Precise Combinations Kitchens involve massive amounts of moving parts – each detail affects a neighboring detail – the objective is to discover priorities, plan, verify the plan, and execute with precision. The dream kitchen demands commitment and dedication to details.

Kitchen Design

Interior Design

Bathroom & Laundry Design

Bar & TV Media Design

Project Management

Technical Service

Your Personal designer is a guide who will remain at your side from the ‘first exploration’ to the exhilarating ‘kitchen warming party’.

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Our Process


Research and Discovery

In order to grant the best options for each unique project, we focus our attention on the innovative materials and the latest in all aspects of the kitchen.



After a detailed Q&A, review of plans, site visit and meeting, our designers create multiple 3-D renderings that enable the viewer to see all angles.



We liken it to a funnel: All relevant information unveiled addresses specified criteria narrowing the decision process flawlessly.


Physical Structure

Italian craftsmen take enormous pride in every detail of each cabinet low formaldehyde design, dense structure, and finish.



The team at Premium ensures that the zone for the kitchen is completely prepared for accuracy far in advance of the cabinet delivery. 



New kitchen. Old recipes. Just add people.   …Mix and Enjoy.